Docker Container for TileBoard: "A simple yet highly configurable Dashboard for HomeAssistant"
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TileBoard Docker-Container

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This is a very basic Docker container for TileBoard, "a simple yet highly configurable Dashboard for HomeAssistant".

It contains the sources and starts a simple Python3 webserver to serve TileBoard at port 8000.


You can open any new issues here. The builds are automated on changes of the official TileBoard repository.

Have a look at the Dockerfile.


You have to mount your config.js file into the /tileboard directory of the Docker container. You can see an example config.js file in the official repository.


Here is an example, using Docker-Compose:

version: '3'

    image: fbrinker/tileboard
      - ./config.js:/tileboard/config.js
      - "8234:8000"

After a docker-compose up -d, you can reach your TileBoard instance under http://[yourhost-or-ip]:8234.